Red Panties @ CES 2013

Nikon booth, CES13

Nikon booth, CES13

By Candace

This is a CES 2013 Trip report. First off, we fully agree this major tradeshow is evolving and so many parts of it are TOTALLY played out. And like I said three years ago, it has become a mobile show as well, with all the app makers in the fringes. Such sentiments have been overly documented already, so I’ll stop here.

The spectacle of the tradeshow floor cannot be denied, though. Lots of flash and squarely performed sideshow routines happen all around you. Our client Speck did it the right way- they hired Cyrus aka “Glitch”– an amazing dancer from So You Think You Can Dance. When Speck booth visitors volunteered to dance next to him for the Dance Central game, they would win a new Speck iPhone case. Really brought in the crowds and tons of fun was had. This guys breakdances to dubstep. SUPER COOL.

A very different way is hiring sexy people to dress in sexy clothes and talk to you about the company and it’s products. OR just do sexy things. One of my reporter friends just happened to catch the salacious shot above of two salsa dancers at the Nikon booth. This also sums up CES.