Technology & Natural Disasters- Thoughts on #Sandy

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Lesson: Never fly into a storm! Not worth it! 

Situation: Booked super early Sunday morning flight to get to D: Dive Into Mobile in NYC with client Speck Products.

Just as I was buckling in, the emails started coming about the whole Speck team’s cancelled flights.  And that I should JUST NOT GO. Then we started rolling away for take off.

When I landed, my iPhone told me that the show had indeed been cancelled and the area evacuated.

OY! I was instantly evacuated from the W Hotel to a random Westin which I could hardly stand to the Ace Hotel where all is warm, hip and safe. 

The Kicker: I forgot to bring my iPhone5 cellphone charger, FOOLISHLY thinking I could get a new one at an Apple store on 5th Ave. No prob. I did not understand the gravity of what that storm could do.

Thanks to Twitter and the power of Scott Beale’s network, a blogger guy popped up and offered to lend me his cord- he was at my same hotel. You can surely understand what a lifesaving act this was, right?

Used Orbitz and Kayak and to book a rental car to a new airport and fly home. Or else I was going to be stuck in NYC till Friday or worse. No way.

Being so dependent on technology to problem solve, communicate status with loved ones, and figure out just what the hell is going on is frightening. But it helped me sort a safe plan and quickly.

Happy Halloween!