I Kiss You

This has been our response to some emails lately. So many clients, friends, business folks and journalists (natch) are doing such lovely things for us as we ramp our new thing, that we feel compelled to reply to some emails this way.

But we forgot how this phrase was popularized and resorted to Google to help jog our memories.

If you were around during Bubble 1.0, you will remember this phrase. It is from Mahir, the Turkish Stud whose website made the rounds in, like, 2000. It was one of those early videos that went viral like the Peter Pan guy who won the Webby’s award in 2001 in the “weird” category and of course, Ouchy the Clown who helped start the whole weird website craze in 1999.

If you get a note like this back from us, just know that we are serious about the feeling!


Congrats to Karen Blondell!

Best Beer Garden in Ess Eff

We are headed over to one of our fave faux biker bars in the city tonite to celebrate with Karen Blondell. She has been an independent PR consultant for ages, rocking the mobile and gaming scenes, and decided to go full time and take over Candace’s job leading the mobile practice at Sparkpr.

We have worked with Karen for the past two years and are just delighted to see the match made. While we were at Spark, we joined up with Karen to throw drinks parties at major conferences for press friends and clients. The first was a margarita and taco party at a beach house in San Diego for CTIA last year. We have hired out penthouse suites at the newest hotels in Vegas for CTIA and CES, and recently had a ladies-only dinner party in our apartment in Barcelona for MWC. After doing the conference circuit for ages, events like these really make the shows fun and it’s simply a great use of time to meet, introduce, brief, connect, and tipple in the flesh.

We expect this fine tradition to continue!

Go Blondie!

Mobile Monday

So, it was nice to attend Mobile Monday, at the helm of Mario Tapia, the other night. The theme was “Enterprise Apps” and the room was packed. This is a topic that will soon deserve its own major two-day event (Drew Ianni, I am looking at you). Cisco sponsored, which may have helped. Many companies demo’d mostly collaboration, video conferencing and storage apps. Mobclix has a nice round up about the event. With so much hiring going on, this was a great event for networking and to seek out jobs or talent.

When Mario took a poll of the crowd early on, it was somewhat surprising to see so many folks indicate that Windows Phone 7 is becoming a more and more compelling platform. I keep hearing many developers say they are taking a closer look, and I think the Nokia deal had a lot to do with making MSFT more interesting. We will see!


And….we’re live.

Welcome to our blog ‘Mighty Mouth’.
We are delighted you have decided to drop by.

Mighty is our new communications agency, which opened its doors on April Fool’s day.

Ours is a typical tale: 2 ladies-in-a-loft spin off to have a go at entrepreneurship. After being deeply immersed in the Bay Area tech and PR scenes for many years, we figured we had the know-how and energy to start this new company. And we couldn’t be more thrilled to be doing it during a time when such high-velocity innovation is happening all around us. We just had to jump in, too.

Many thanks to our Mighty fine set of inaugural clients who believed in us from the get-go: Drew Ianni at APPNATION, Patrick Mork at GetJar, Frank Meehan at INQ Mobile, Stewart Butterfield at Tiny Speck and Scott Kveton at Urban Airship.

Also, a giant shout out to our family at Sparkpr. Donna Sokolsky Burke and Alan Soucy have been most gracious as we transitioned from our jobs at Sparkpr to launch Mighty into an atmosphere thick with potential. Our deepest gratitude, Sparkleponies!

Here at Mighty Mouth we plan to share ideas that are longer than 140 characters, interview folks in our network, and link to illuminating stories. Oh, and comment on the changing nature of media, natch.

Please let us know what you think, and we promise to provoke as well.
-Candace & Becca