In Pairing Mode…

We started Mighty so we could focus on the “good stuff.” We quickly learned that there are dozens of little things that need to be tended to, like getting set up on a proper Exchange server, devising a scheme for secure cloud storage, coming to grips with the dizzying array of taxes to be paid, and making sure our systems all talk to each other so nobody burns through precious cycles duplicating efforts. There are three things that really saved us time, money and tons of anxiety. Here they are in no particular order.

1. Jambox – During Month One, we conducted every conference call hovering over an iPhone, fiddling with volumes and stressing over audio quality. Not cool. Best Buy is two blocks away so Candace strolled over last week and scored our beautiful red Jambox. In addition to being a great way to crank tunes late in the day, it is an awesome speakerphone. We still get a funny thrill every time that sexy little voice says “Jambox is in pairing mode.”

2. Dropbox – We started out with the free version and cajoled a bunch of friends to sign up, which kicks us back more free space. We have the Dropbox app on our iPhones and Macbooks, which makes sharing and versioning a snap. We’ll soon hit our storage limit and gladly shell out $199 for twelve months of mega space. It’s just that easy. How did small businesses deal with this stuff before cheap and easy cloud services were the norm? Down with servers!

3. PariSoma – We love co-working, and we are grateful to be part of the community here at PariSoma on 11th Street in SF. The team that runs the place is top-notch, and always on the lookout for ways to evolve, improve, and create opportunities to bring together this loose band of renegade techies. We lock ourselves away in our office when things are really humming. When we need a breather, we chat it up with our fellow coworkers or graze the community coffee bar, soda stock or chocolate stash. Follow them at @parisoma and check out the events calendar. Every week there are multiple hackathons, meet-ups and non-profit events to choose from. If you are a lonely remote worker or just starting up your business, come down and check it out!