Red Panties @ CES 2013

Nikon booth, CES13

Nikon booth, CES13

By Candace

This is a CES 2013 Trip report. First off, we fully agree this major tradeshow is evolving and so many parts of it are TOTALLY played out. And like I said three years ago, it has become a mobile show as well, with all the app makers in the fringes. Such sentiments have been overly documented already, so I’ll stop here.

The spectacle of the tradeshow floor cannot be denied, though. Lots of flash and squarely performed sideshow routines happen all around you. Our client Speck did it the right way- they hired Cyrus aka “Glitch”– an amazing dancer from So You Think You Can Dance. When Speck booth visitors volunteered to dance next to him for the Dance Central game, they would win a new Speck iPhone case. Really brought in the crowds and tons of fun was had. This guys breakdances to dubstep. SUPER COOL.

A very different way is hiring sexy people to dress in sexy clothes and talk to you about the company and it’s products. OR just do sexy things. One of my reporter friends just happened to catch the salacious shot above of two salsa dancers at the Nikon booth. This also sums up CES.




Technology & Natural Disasters- Thoughts on #Sandy

ImageI I


Lesson: Never fly into a storm! Not worth it! 

Situation: Booked super early Sunday morning flight to get to D: Dive Into Mobile in NYC with client Speck Products.

Just as I was buckling in, the emails started coming about the whole Speck team’s cancelled flights.  And that I should JUST NOT GO. Then we started rolling away for take off.

When I landed, my iPhone told me that the show had indeed been cancelled and the area evacuated.

OY! I was instantly evacuated from the W Hotel to a random Westin which I could hardly stand to the Ace Hotel where all is warm, hip and safe. 

The Kicker: I forgot to bring my iPhone5 cellphone charger, FOOLISHLY thinking I could get a new one at an Apple store on 5th Ave. No prob. I did not understand the gravity of what that storm could do.

Thanks to Twitter and the power of Scott Beale’s network, a blogger guy popped up and offered to lend me his cord- he was at my same hotel. You can surely understand what a lifesaving act this was, right?

Used Orbitz and Kayak and to book a rental car to a new airport and fly home. Or else I was going to be stuck in NYC till Friday or worse. No way.

Being so dependent on technology to problem solve, communicate status with loved ones, and figure out just what the hell is going on is frightening. But it helped me sort a safe plan and quickly.

Happy Halloween!


The Company Picnic

Yes, it is that time of year again. Becca and Candace are packing it up and headed off to the dusty playa (100 mph winds reported!) for some serious inspiration and invigoration.

Many Burning Man vets fondly call this event “The Company Picnic” which sums up the attitude around it quite well. Others call it “TTITD” (for That Thing In The Desert) or simply “Dirt Rave” but we like the first term best.

The event has become a place for a global reunion of friends old and new, and we wouldn’t miss it. Many thanks to our clients for understanding our need for this break and to Erica and Stephanie and the extended Mighty family of consultants for literally holding down our fort.

Candace is stationed at Media Mecca (just ask for Evil Pippi) and Becca is camping with a lot of art stars at Such-n-Such, so if you are around, please swing by and say hi!

We sign off next Monday and will back in biz on Wednesday, Sept. 5th.

Headed to N’awlins for CTIA


It’s that time again. Another CTIA! Very pleased to see it back in New Orleans where the show was held pre-Katrina. Mighty will be there with the Urban Airship crew, who has hired the above antebellum mansion to throw a low-country crawfish boil party. After attending this event twice a year for the past 10, new experiences are needed to keep this act of businessing exciting. Throwing house parties in fun areas of the trade show city has been a major success for us and our clients, and this one should raise a new bar. See you there!

The BoB Conference

We’re counting down to BoB, a mini-conference we are throwing alongside Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next Wednesday from 11AM to 2:00PM. BoB stands for “Bubble Over Barcelona”- and was it Rebecca’s cheeky idea to name it this way. It’s the kind of focused, curated and high-quality event we’ve always wanted to do, and one of the reasons we started Mighty. The idea is to bring Valley-type startups together with large, global operators, device OEMs and other industry behemoths that are curious about the innovation happening within new companies. We’ll have 150 folks in a room for two hours for a series of fast-paced panels moderated by wickedly smart journalists who we think are some of the best in the business. The last hour will be a wet lunch for networking, deal making and global mobile businessing of all kinds!

Our partner in this venture is Matthaus Kryzykowski. Matthaus is truly one of the most deeply networked people in mobile and, along with Candace, is the event’s fearless visionary.

BoB is nearly sold out but we will be opening up a block of new tickets for sale today. We’re purposefully capping attendance to keep the event intimate, so if you want to join us it would be a good idea to grab a seat now.

And now that our friend Ewan MacLeod has written up the event, we know it will attract just the right set of folks. Big ups to our client and first sponsor, Urban Airship, for believing in us and being so supportive of this event! And to client Speck Products for shipping out 200 iPad2 and iPhone4 cases to giveaway to our assembled crowd. Report and pix to come!

The Ham Conference Cometh!


Hanging hams of La Boqueria

For those of us involved in the mobile industry, it seems like we are flat-out running from CTIA to CTIA. With CES in the rearview, once the hangover subsides, we all must sharpen our focus on getting to Barcelona and making the most of our times at Mobile World Congress.  This year, most of our clients are coming to MWC, so we are bringing the whole team along to support the event. There is something about Catalan culture that makes this one of the most enjoyable conferences of the year, though you work night and day and try desperately to keep up with email across time zones.

Are you going? Here are a a few tips to help you get fully engaged in the whole experience:

1) Go to La Boqueria– which is smack dab in the middle of Las Ramblas, the mostly lively neighborhood in Barcelona. Here, you can stock up on Iberian ham, coffee, wine, fruits, and other snacks for your stay during the show. It is a feast for all senses. Did I mention all the ham? Closed on Sunday, BTW.

2) Mobile Sunday— this has turned into the SEE AND BE SEEN event to really kick off the week. It is organized by blogger Rudy de Waele, who oversees Mobile Monday in Barcelona. Each year, this event serves as the first real meet-up for VCs, journos, mobile execs of all types and the PR people who love them. You must register to get on the list and it’s free.

3) Sightseeing- it is a shame to think you go all the way to Spain for a business trip without the chance to see some of the amazing art that can be found all over the city. Make time to see Parc Guell and the many other Gaudi installations by taking one of those cheesy, double decker tourist buses. For only 20 Euros, you can hop on and off to see so many of the surreal creations even if you are exhausted.

4) Meet us for a drink– one of the best gin joints I have ever experienced is in this city. It’s called Dry Martini, and the barmen wear white jackets and hand pick each ice cub that goes into the glass. It’s a former speakeasy, very classy, full of leather club chairs and lamplit to set the right mood. They also serve amazing tapas on the bar (thick cuts of tuna sashimi and anchovies with the perfect splash of olive oil) so grab a seat there for the best service. We will be there Thursday night. Join?

Urban Airship Lifting Off!

Over here at Mighty, we are experiencing the thrill of seeing a young, eager startup transform into a serious player in record time. Urban Airship is moving at the speed of mobile, which seems to be boundless right now. Fresh off their acquisition of SimpleGeo, The Airship just announced it’s new Series C. And the investors are top drawer– and Verizon Ventures.

We are happy to see Urban flourish up in Portland and bring more credibility to the startup scene there, while serving as the place for the dev/hack/opensource/mobile communities to come together and geek out.

And, most surprisingly, the funding news did not leak! We take a mighty deep bow to everyone who helped pull this Sunday night news off.

Go team!