Headed to N’awlins for CTIA


It’s that time again. Another CTIA! Very pleased to see it back in New Orleans where the show was held pre-Katrina. Mighty will be there with the Urban Airship crew, who has hired the above antebellum mansion to throw a low-country crawfish boil party. After attending this event twice a year for the past 10, new experiences are needed to keep this act of businessing exciting. Throwing house parties in fun areas of the trade show city has been a major success for us and our clients, and this one should raise a new bar. See you there!


The BoB Conference

We’re counting down to BoB, a mini-conference we are throwing alongside Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next Wednesday from 11AM to 2:00PM. BoB stands for “Bubble Over Barcelona”- and was it Rebecca’s cheeky idea to name it this way. It’s the kind of focused, curated and high-quality event we’ve always wanted to do, and one of the reasons we started Mighty. The idea is to bring Valley-type startups together with large, global operators, device OEMs and other industry behemoths that are curious about the innovation happening within new companies. We’ll have 150 folks in a room for two hours for a series of fast-paced panels moderated by wickedly smart journalists who we think are some of the best in the business. The last hour will be a wet lunch for networking, deal making and global mobile businessing of all kinds!

Our partner in this venture is Matthaus Kryzykowski. Matthaus is truly one of the most deeply networked people in mobile and, along with Candace, is the event’s fearless visionary.

BoB is nearly sold out but we will be opening up a block of new tickets for sale today. We’re purposefully capping attendance to keep the event intimate, so if you want to join us it would be a good idea to grab a seat now.

And now that our friend Ewan MacLeod has written up the event, we know it will attract just the right set of folks. Big ups to our client and first sponsor, Urban Airship, for believing in us and being so supportive of this event! And to client Speck Products for shipping out 200 iPad2 and iPhone4 cases to giveaway to our assembled crowd. Report and pix to come!

Urban Airship Lifting Off!

Over here at Mighty, we are experiencing the thrill of seeing a young, eager startup transform into a serious player in record time. Urban Airship is moving at the speed of mobile, which seems to be boundless right now. Fresh off their acquisition of SimpleGeo, The Airship just announced it’s new Series C. And the investors are top drawer– Salesforce.com and Verizon Ventures.

We are happy to see Urban flourish up in Portland and bring more credibility to the startup scene there, while serving as the place for the dev/hack/opensource/mobile communities to come together and geek out.

And, most surprisingly, the funding news did not leak! We take a mighty deep bow to everyone who helped pull this Sunday night news off.

Go team!






Today was one of those rare, head-spinning days full of surprise that smacked us upside the head before work is supposed to kick in. The news of Google acquiring Motorola for $12.5 bajillion dollars is sure to be oft-recalled for the next couple of years and at every upcoming mobile conference.


Naturally, Twitter tipped us off right away, quickly followed by a phone call from Wall Street Journal seeking commentary. Soon after, clients wanted to craft statements about what it all meant, and reporters wanted to chew the fat with them about it. And tonight, you can just feel the electricity around the globe as everyone tries to sort out what it all means. My fave post so far is MG’s thoughtful piece on the topic.


It’s the kind of news that makes us happy to have this job and be in this industry.


Eager to see how it goes.


*Term coined by Urban Airship, a MIGHTY client




Random musings on mobile….

The Airship that is so Urban

Working with so many mobile companies, up and down the stack, we get a rather unique view of what is going on out there. The landscape is ever-shifting, but feels like another step-change in how mobile is changing our lives is just ’round the corner.

We work with Urban Airship, which just last week announced a partnership with SimpleGeo. It was a totally peanut butter/jelly kind of tie-up. Urban rocks it on the app engagement side, and SimpleGeo owns the geo-location space. Both are platform players, and have the backend technologies to make apps more relevant. Those “wave your mobile in front of a soda dispenser”  or “get 25% off that Frappucino on a hot NYC day when you pass the next Starbucks” examples are finally getting closer to reality with these two going at it.

I’ve been blathering on that it’s companies like these, as well as Twilio, who represent the next frontier in mobile engagement. Ryan Kim at GigaOm seems to have the best handle on this so watch his writing for how it all plays out.


And….we’re live.

Welcome to our blog ‘Mighty Mouth’.
We are delighted you have decided to drop by.

Mighty is our new communications agency, which opened its doors on April Fool’s day.

Ours is a typical tale: 2 ladies-in-a-loft spin off to have a go at entrepreneurship. After being deeply immersed in the Bay Area tech and PR scenes for many years, we figured we had the know-how and energy to start this new company. And we couldn’t be more thrilled to be doing it during a time when such high-velocity innovation is happening all around us. We just had to jump in, too.

Many thanks to our Mighty fine set of inaugural clients who believed in us from the get-go: Drew Ianni at APPNATION, Patrick Mork at GetJar, Frank Meehan at INQ Mobile, Stewart Butterfield at Tiny Speck and Scott Kveton at Urban Airship.

Also, a giant shout out to our family at Sparkpr. Donna Sokolsky Burke and Alan Soucy have been most gracious as we transitioned from our jobs at Sparkpr to launch Mighty into an atmosphere thick with potential. Our deepest gratitude, Sparkleponies!

Here at Mighty Mouth we plan to share ideas that are longer than 140 characters, interview folks in our network, and link to illuminating stories. Oh, and comment on the changing nature of media, natch.

Please let us know what you think, and we promise to provoke as well.
-Candace & Becca