The Company Picnic

Yes, it is that time of year again. Becca and Candace are packing it up and headed off to the dusty playa (100 mph winds reported!) for some serious inspiration and invigoration.

Many Burning Man vets fondly call this event “The Company Picnic” which sums up the attitude around it quite well. Others call it “TTITD” (for That Thing In The Desert) or simply “Dirt Rave” but we like the first term best.

The event has become a place for a global reunion of friends old and new, and we wouldn’t miss it. Many thanks to our clients for understanding our need for this break and to Erica and Stephanie and the extended Mighty family of consultants for literally holding down our fort.

Candace is stationed at Media Mecca (just ask for Evil Pippi) and Becca is camping with a lot of art stars at Such-n-Such, so if you are around, please swing by and say hi!

We sign off next Monday and will back in biz on Wednesday, Sept. 5th.


Headed to Burn

Photo by Doug Fuller

One of the cooler things about starting your own business is that you can make your own HR policies. At Mighty, we value time to disconnect and recharge so that we can keep moving at Silicon Valley speed without just falling over. One of the most high-impact ways to do this is to go where connectivity is hard to find, and where new people, ideas and thoughts are able to influence you without gadget distractions. Burning Man is just that place. So, as of tomorrow Candace is shoving off to head to the playa, to be joined by Rebecca on Thursday. We will be closed Thursday, Friday and Labor Day proper.

Many thanks to our understanding clients! We will be back full of new ideas upon return.

And if any of you are headed out there, you can find Rebecca at Illumination Village (3:30 & Esplanade) and Candace will be with the FKOs at 9:15 & Liminal.

We will also be at Media Mecca in Center Camp, harassing the many journalists and documentarians who come out to cover the event.