We find it exhilarating to see a social uprising that connects so many stripes of people together.

This Sunday NYT article really summed up how powerful people can be in person, together. It’s a great read penned by @kimmelman- sr. critic at the paper.

“…nothing replaces people taking to the streets.”
“We tend to underestimate the political power of physical places.”

We see valuable lessons in what is going on in real-time and captured for the world to see. And that these protests are getting the most PR from social media outlets is something that could take mainstream media aback.



Headed to Burn

Photo by Doug Fuller

One of the cooler things about starting your own business is that you can make your own HR policies. At Mighty, we value time to disconnect and recharge so that we can keep moving at Silicon Valley speed without just falling over. One of the most high-impact ways to do this is to go where connectivity is hard to find, and where new people, ideas and thoughts are able to influence you without gadget distractions. Burning Man is just that place. So, as of tomorrow Candace is shoving off to head to the playa, to be joined by Rebecca on Thursday. We will be closed Thursday, Friday and Labor Day proper.

Many thanks to our understanding clients! We will be back full of new ideas upon return.

And if any of you are headed out there, you can find Rebecca at Illumination Village (3:30 & Esplanade) and Candace will be with the FKOs at 9:15 & Liminal.

We will also be at Media Mecca in Center Camp, harassing the many journalists and documentarians who come out to cover the event.






Today was one of those rare, head-spinning days full of surprise that smacked us upside the head before work is supposed to kick in. The news of Google acquiring Motorola for $12.5 bajillion dollars is sure to be oft-recalled for the next couple of years and at every upcoming mobile conference.


Naturally, Twitter tipped us off right away, quickly followed by a phone call from Wall Street Journal seeking commentary. Soon after, clients wanted to craft statements about what it all meant, and reporters wanted to chew the fat with them about it. And tonight, you can just feel the electricity around the globe as everyone tries to sort out what it all means. My fave post so far is MG’s thoughtful piece on the topic.


It’s the kind of news that makes us happy to have this job and be in this industry.


Eager to see how it goes.


*Term coined by Urban Airship, a MIGHTY client




Random musings on mobile….

The Airship that is so Urban

Working with so many mobile companies, up and down the stack, we get a rather unique view of what is going on out there. The landscape is ever-shifting, but feels like another step-change in how mobile is changing our lives is just ’round the corner.

We work with Urban Airship, which just last week announced a partnership with SimpleGeo. It was a totally peanut butter/jelly kind of tie-up. Urban rocks it on the app engagement side, and SimpleGeo owns the geo-location space. Both are platform players, and have the backend technologies to make apps more relevant. Those “wave your mobile in front of a soda dispenser”  or “get 25% off that Frappucino on a hot NYC day when you pass the next Starbucks” examples are finally getting closer to reality with these two going at it.

I’ve been blathering on that it’s companies like these, as well as Twilio, who represent the next frontier in mobile engagement. Ryan Kim at GigaOm seems to have the best handle on this so watch his writing for how it all plays out.


Go Michal! “5 Best Apps for Business”

We love it when a journalist nails a story that we can really relate to, but who doesn’t, right? Michal Lev-Ram put together her “5 Best Apps for Business” and we use all but one of them.

This is a great list and yes, does include our client WebEx, but we would have loved this list anyway!

What apps do you think are breaking into mainstream business consumer use and which make it easier to keep your work life rolling no matter where you are? Love to hear from you!


In Pairing Mode…

We started Mighty so we could focus on the “good stuff.” We quickly learned that there are dozens of little things that need to be tended to, like getting set up on a proper Exchange server, devising a scheme for secure cloud storage, coming to grips with the dizzying array of taxes to be paid, and making sure our systems all talk to each other so nobody burns through precious cycles duplicating efforts. There are three things that really saved us time, money and tons of anxiety. Here they are in no particular order.

1. Jambox – During Month One, we conducted every conference call hovering over an iPhone, fiddling with volumes and stressing over audio quality. Not cool. Best Buy is two blocks away so Candace strolled over last week and scored our beautiful red Jambox. In addition to being a great way to crank tunes late in the day, it is an awesome speakerphone. We still get a funny thrill every time that sexy little voice says “Jambox is in pairing mode.”

2. Dropbox – We started out with the free version and cajoled a bunch of friends to sign up, which kicks us back more free space. We have the Dropbox app on our iPhones and Macbooks, which makes sharing and versioning a snap. We’ll soon hit our storage limit and gladly shell out $199 for twelve months of mega space. It’s just that easy. How did small businesses deal with this stuff before cheap and easy cloud services were the norm? Down with servers!

3. PariSoma – We love co-working, and we are grateful to be part of the community here at PariSoma on 11th Street in SF. The team that runs the place is top-notch, and always on the lookout for ways to evolve, improve, and create opportunities to bring together this loose band of renegade techies. We lock ourselves away in our office when things are really humming. When we need a breather, we chat it up with our fellow coworkers or graze the community coffee bar, soda stock or chocolate stash. Follow them at @parisoma and check out the events calendar. Every week there are multiple hackathons, meet-ups and non-profit events to choose from. If you are a lonely remote worker or just starting up your business, come down and check it out!

I Kiss You

This has been our response to some emails lately. So many clients, friends, business folks and journalists (natch) are doing such lovely things for us as we ramp our new thing, that we feel compelled to reply to some emails this way.

But we forgot how this phrase was popularized and resorted to Google to help jog our memories.

If you were around during Bubble 1.0, you will remember this phrase. It is from Mahir, the Turkish Stud whose website made the rounds in, like, 2000. It was one of those early videos that went viral like the Peter Pan guy who won the Webby’s award in 2001 in the “weird” category and of course, Ouchy the Clown who helped start the whole weird website craze in 1999.

If you get a note like this back from us, just know that we are serious about the feeling!